Celia Pavey [live review]

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Celia Pavey [live review]

Torquay Hotel, Torquay – Sunday 14 September 2014
With: Lester the Fierce
Engaging a crowd sitting at tables can be a hard feat for even the most experienced of musicians, and for a young performer it can almost be impossible. After carefully sneaking on stage with her acoustic guitar slung over her shoulder, Celia began to play, and though not everyone was listening straight away, as soon as she opened her mouth there wasn’t an eye in the crowd that wasn’t firmly fixed on the songstress.
‘Scarborough Fair’ served as the opener for her set, and she made it her own with her flawless transitions between the high and low notes. For a musician that hasn’t had too much experience with live gigs, Celia certainly has it down pat. Variety was given to her set with her band accompanying her on stage, a duet with her sister and multiple solo songs.
Celia covered a few more well-known tracks, the highlight her engaging version of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Woodstock’ and Gorillaz’s ‘Feel Good Inc.’, as well as a few of her original tracks from her debut EP Bodies. While many have heard the beautiful airy voice of Celia from The Voice, her effortlessly captivating vocals is something you have to see to truly appreciate.
Opening act, Lester the Fierce, was equally talented. Standing alone on stage with guitar in hand, her performance was reminiscent of solo musician Adalita: both are powerful musicians with emotive performances and chord-driven guitar.
By Amanda Sherring