Cult American burger joint Five Guys opens first Victorian store in Melbourne

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Cult American burger joint Five Guys opens first Victorian store in Melbourne

Five Guys has officially opened at Melbourne's Southbank.

Having already cemented itself in Australia with locations in Sydney and Penrith within the last 12 months, the cult-followed burger chain Five Guys has just expanded into the Victorian burger market, opening its first Melbourne store in Southbank today.

Representing its first Victorian store, the red and white 79-seat restaurant opened in Southbank on August 8. Located at 3 Freshwater Place, Five Guys Southbank will be just the first in what should be numerous expressions across the city, likely followed by a Melbourne CBD location sometime next year.

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Known as some of the world’s most hyped burgers, Five Guys is a fast-casual burgers and fries joint that started in America in 1986 and has managed to earn a cult status across the globe ever since.

Known for their burgers and their fries, the beauty in Five Guys is that they operate on a no-freezer promise: The group doesn’t use freezers or microwaves; patties are handmade, local bakeries bake the buns, and fries are hand-cut in-house daily and cooked in peanut oil.

It’s all about customisation at Five Guys. Here you’ll find more than 250,000 possible topping combinations for Burgers (hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger), Hotdogs and Sandwiches. You simple choose your base option (hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger for example) and then load it with as many toppings as you like. Think pickles, lettice, mayo, mushrooms, onions, and hot sauce. All the extras are “free” too (as in, built into the price of the base burger).

You can also indulge in their creamy customisable shakes that you can make your own with 1,000 different Shake mix-in combinations. You can add bacon, bananas, peanut butter – you name it.

Five Guys is open from August 8, daily 11am-10pm at 3 Freshwater Place, Southbank. Find out more here