Crooked Colours: Langata

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Crooked Colours: Langata

If The OC were to still be on air today (RIP), Crooked Colours would’ve played the Bait Shop. I’m sure of it. From the opening strings of ‘Do it Like You’, showrunner Josh Schwartz’s ears would prick.

Crooked Colours’ new album, Langata, picks up where other soundtrack alumni left off. The ten tracks could’ve easily slotted next to Aqualung, Imogen Heap, and fellow Aussies Jet. Melancholy, anxiety, and euphoria—the whole crew is here.

“Tell me that it’s alright, tell me that I seem just fine, sipping on a sunrise”, moans Phil Slabber on ‘Hold On’.

Last time we spoke with Leon de Baughn he told us the new record would move the band in a ‘dancier direction’. That they have. ‘I C Light’ takes us into the closing hours of the night, empty space answered only with hard 808 kicks and harder vocal punches.

Snares, claps and a huge range of percussion keep time, one Redbull shy of PNAU-level energy. Still, it’s a heart-rate raising ride.

Title track ‘Lanagata’ is a product of the boy’s bricolage method, working from different corners of the country over Dropbox. It’s mashed together with cream a-la Jamie XX on ‘All Under One Roof Raving’.

The duet between Ladyhawke (Pip Brown) and Slabber on ‘Never Dance Alone’ takes the band in an exciting direction. The call-and-answer begs another XX parallel.

Closing song ‘Lose Someone’, a love child of Kings of Leon and Band of Horses, will sound out festivals the country, and world, wide. It wouldn’t do a bad job orchestrating a scene between Ryan and Marissa either.

Check the album out ASAP.

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Reviewed by Darby-Perrin Larner