Lash 78: Who

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Lash 78: Who

Get excited for another high-quality EP treasure. This time, it’s Lash 78 blessing us with their debut EP. The talented sister duo dropped ‘Who’ earlier this month, and it is captivating all ears. Reminiscent of Swedish First Aid Kit, we have our own sibling duo born right near us in Melbourne.

Once word to describe this EP: energy. It is jam-packed with energy, fire, twang. Each song with its own bang.

Their rock-pop style is super catchy, and the EP has a cool edge about it that makes each song so much more powerful. The voices of the sisters are empowering and motivating, stirring many emotions: strength, anger, sadness, passion and more.

What I especially love about the EP is the genuineness. You can physically hear the passion in their voices. The electric guitar, drums and rock vibes only enhance this.

‘Superhuman’ topped the EP personally. For me, the song touches on the fact that many women glorify men that may in fact be abusive and manipulative. The empowering female vocals coupled with the rock melodies spark a sense of power and dignity in the listener.

I’m all for strong women following their dreams: and that’s what Lash 78 are all about.

Reviewed by Naseem Radmehr

This isn’t from their EP but it’s great all the same. Enjoy!