Cosmic Psychos

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Cosmic Psychos

It doesn’t get more Australian than the Cosmic Psychos, and that’s why it’s awfully fitting the iconic rock band are heading on tour for a few shows over the ANZAC day long weekend. We had a chat to all-round legend John ‘Macka’ Onya.

Hi Macka, thanks for taking the time to chat with us, how are you and what are you up to at the moment? 

I am pretty good. But I did a big swim yesterday and it took its toll – I got up late this morning after taking the kids to school.

So we know last year featured the incredible tour with the Dunies, and we understand there was a bit of man love going on between you all, even though you’ve got more stage time under your belt, did they teach you anything new about the industry? 

The tour with the Dune Rats was good, really good. Did they teach us anything new about the industry? Maybe, maybe not. They approach things differently, definitely with the advent of internet and stuff, I suppose. Overall it was like going on tour with good people who were a bit younger than us that did similar things to us when we were young. It was great.

Are you still in contact otherwise? Do you think there’ll be a repeat, as we’re sure Forte readers would love to see it? 

Yes we are in contact. BC has been to my shed and has even stayed the night. My son says, ‘That boy has hair like a girl’. Will there be a repeat, who knows? I would hope so some time down the track.

You’ve got a round of ANZAC Day shows coming up, how do you normally spend the holiday? 

Normally the holiday is spent pretty quietly. Respecting the diggers.

If there happened to be a war vet head along to one of your shows, would you say a front row spot, a round of beers and a song request is the way to go (from fellow punters and yourselves)? 

Totally agree on this one. They may or may not get the song request though…

In Geelong there’s been a significant loss of good ol’ pubs in town with a few recently closing, what do you think makes a pub a good one?

A good owner, good people going there, good music being played there and good beer – especially on tap.

In your many pub shows and tours, has there been a favourite spot of yours? 

No they are all pretty good. There are ones that you favour, I suppose for me like the Crowbar in Brisbane or the Tote in Melbourne. But overall if it is fun times then it is a good venue.

Thanks again for the chat, are there any words of wisdom you’d like to leave with our readers? 


When & Where: Golden Vine, Bendigo – April 23, The Rev, Footscray – April 24 & The Tote, Collingwood – April 25