Blues News #636

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Blues News #636

Last issue I was waxing lyrical about an overseas artist coming to Geelong, but there’s more to life than welcoming guests. Making a bit of noise (well, music, but you know what I mean …) is Derek and the Champs, and they’ve been playing Pistol Pete’s and the Back Hatt (and other local venues) pulling an increasing crowd. That’s not so much of a surprise, when you look at the line-up – Rod Hoe, Peter Kure, Ian Wilson and Gary Quick.

While the band might be new, in the sense of playing together, what we have is some experienced musicians working together. Rod is on the drums, and has played with many artists, Allison Durban, Johnny Chester, Jade Hurley, Rick Bartlett, Bobby and Laurie, the ‘50s American band The Drifters(!). He’s also been in a number of Geelong bands, Lizard, Captain Black, Goanna, Gathering Child, Grizzly Bros, and I could keep going until the cows come home!

Bass guitar is handled by Peter Kure. He has played bass guitar in bands for 30 years, covering a diverse array of genres including jazz, funk, blues, soul, rock, country and even European pop. Peter’s approach to bass is centred on rhythm, melody and feel. And is inspired by the rock, and funk legends of the ’70s; the great bass players from the Motown and Stax eras and today’s blues rock and southern rock players who have stood the test of time.

Ian Wilson has been playing guitar in bands for over 30 years and has been support for Jenny Morris, Daryl Braithwaite, Mark Williams, Margaret Urlich and The Choirboys, most recently with Andrea Marr and Chris Wilson. He has recorded many original songs and also recorded with Australian Idol finalist Michelle Cashman.

Gary Quick began playing the piano at three years old and played his first public performance at age five. Classical training followed soon after, giving way to a love of rock, progressive rock and fusion in his teenage years. Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson, Emerson Lake & Palmer and Chick Corea became favourites and are still major influences to this day.

Gary has been constantly performing live in various bands throughout Victoria over the past 35 years and has been recording his own music for longer than this. As well as working with John Farnham, Ian Moss, Choir Boys and The Black Sorrows, he has also been hired as piano player for several local musical stage productions .

Now a jazz course graduate, his musical taste is very eclectic, with the addition of blues, ambient, atmospheric, experimental, improvisational and modern jazz styles incorporated into his playing style.

Gary now combines all of these styles into his own playing. Using various acoustic and electric piano sounds and organ he creates any mood from light, sympathetic backing behind the other band members, to energetic solos which can be anything from tonally melodic to blisteringly outrageous.

You can get your helping of them at Sleepy Hollow Blues Club on the 24th of April.

Written by John (Dr John) Lamp
Proudly presented by the Sleepy Hollow Blues Club