Community Raises More than $45,000 in 24 hours for local’s brain surgery

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Community Raises More than $45,000 in 24 hours for local’s brain surgery

Friends of Geelong local, Abbey Gasparini, have recently set up a GoFundMe campaign to help fund the $90,000 needed for her to have a risky, and expensive brain operation.

Setting up the site 24 hours ago, it has raised more than half its target, with more than 500 people supporting the cause. As the site and friends responsible for the page explain:

“For some time now Abbey’s brain has been developing a large Pineal cyst/tumour in the mid brain area, this cyst is pressing on vital structures and blocking the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. If this cyst grows any bigger it could cause a number of other problems such as Parinaud’s Syndrome, Hydrocephalus or worse.

Abbey has been dealing with agonising, crushing headaches among many other chronic symptoms every day which is very distressing, so surgery is going to make Abbey’s life a lot easier to live. Abbey needs vital brain surgery from Dr Charlie Teo at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. This is an extremely risky and specialised operation that only Dr. Teo can perform and will cost over $90,000. The government unfortunately give no support for those who suffer from this.

Abbey didn’t want to share this with the world or set up a Go Fund Me account because she deals with her health very privately but after some convincing she has come around to the idea and we really hope you can all help. Abbey needs some love and all the support she can get so we can be one step closer to having Abbey back in our lives, because we don’t know about you but we sure miss her more than anything.”

Several directors of the UNO team are friends with Abbey, and as a result the club will be hosting a fundraising gig night on August 27, with 50 per cent of profits going directly to her GoFundMe campaign. Host venue of the club, The Geelong Hotel, are also chipping in and donation tins will be present on the night.

From the team: “A long-time friend and supporter of ours has fallen on some tough times, and it’s now our time to help support her. We’re dedicating this week to Abbey, and donating door profits to her gofundme campaign, in the hopes to help her reach the target of $90,000 required to get some vital brain surgery.”

HEY SAM will be performing at the fundraiser, with supports soon to be announced. Entry is standard door price, $15.

To donate directly to the GoFundMe campaign you can do so here.
To find out more about the fundraising event visit the Facebook site.