Chris Russell's Chicken Walk

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Chris Russell's Chicken Walk

For your daily dose of Southern-style blues, be sure to hit up Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk, as nobody does it quite like them. Currently on the road touring their new album Drive, we had a chat to Chris Russell about what it’s all about…
So you’re currently touring around the place, how are the shows going?
We’re getting a pretty amazing response and so far, more than half the gigs have been playing to new audiences. We take a lot of pride in giving it everything and love going for it, so the crowds have responded really well. I usually walk off stage covered in sweat, spilt beer and kisses.
And how is life on the road? We did see you had a nice stubby of VB so it can’t be too bad!
It’s pretty tiring but pretty cool. The same day we were having VBs at the Paragon in Goulburn we were breakfasting in Newtown, getting our minds blown at the National Gallery in Canberra and playing at a German Club. Ich liebe Lederhosen!
Your new album Drive has been launched into the world, how have fans responded to it so far?
It’s always interesting to hear what people dig. With Shakedown it took about six months for crowd favourites to emerge. I think Drive has a few more layers so I’d expect it to have a similar response. At the moment a lot of people seem to dig ‘Snub Nose .38’, ‘Mermaids’ and ‘Cry Yourself To Death’.
It is known that you haven’t really taken a break between touring and releasing new music, is there a break in sight? What do you think will be the first thing you’ll do?
There is no end in sight! I think we’re busy till February and by the time it rolls around it’ll be full up.
If we ever get time I think I’d like to collapse in a screaming heap!
The new album does delve into film noir stylings and narrative, did you actually watch many films, were there any in particular that inspired the album?
I watched a bunch when I was writing. ‘Drive All Night’ was inspired by the opening scene of ‘The Postman Always Rings Twice’. Both the 1946 Lana Turner film and the 1981 remake with Jessica Lange. I’d recommend ‘The Big Sleep’ and ‘Out Of The Past’ to anyone who hasn’t seen them. Sharp and sexy dialogue, hair pin plot turns, and momen to die for.
With Dave working on the album we heard there have been more risks taken, who is more of the risk taker; Dave or yourself?
I think we kinda work as one. Often I’ll come up with the initial spark but as soon as Dave starts drumming it changes. Sometimes I bring the tiniest half a bar of an idea and we both spin it into something. Sometimes the initial idea will be from a conversation we have on the way to a gig. Sometimes a phrase or an idea will stick with me so I’ll start scribbling away. He’s left brain, I’m right brain.
When & Where: Barwon Club, Geelong – November 13