Metric: Pagans in Vegas

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Metric: Pagans in Vegas

How is it that every time Metric come out with a new album, this just happens to be their sixth, they muster a new collection of catchy tunes that say something to the everyday person? They send a message, and one that you’ll be tapping your feet to for days. ‘Lie Lie Lie’ opening the album is such a tune with the underlying message “everybody told me take what you can get”. There’s the sonic synth edge that we’ve come to love from Metric and, if anything, this album is a reaffirmation of why we love the band.
‘The Shade’ starts off quite startling, but it’s actually one of the relatively smoother tracks on the album. It’s all about the slight moments of surprise in this album, though as iconic as the beginning tune is, I can’t say I’m a fan when it plays on in the background of the chorus – less is more. Things get seriously ’80s when ‘Cascades’ comes along, and I’m not kidding. This track has the ability to transport you to an ’80s disco in Malibu, whether you’re sitting in the office or going for a run. It’s an edgier track and plays with Emily Haines’ vocals to maintain the synth edge to everything in the single. ‘The Governess’ is a powerful, poetic and emotive track that’s well worth the listen too.
Highlights come with opening track ‘Lie Lie Lie’, the effervescent ‘Other Side’ and ‘Blind Valentine’. This is an album that will please the fans, gain a set of new followers and make for a joyous synth listen.
Out via Create/Control
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring