‘Chaotic in the best of ways’: Melbourne’s Terry release their new album ‘Call Me Terry’

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‘Chaotic in the best of ways’: Melbourne’s Terry release their new album ‘Call Me Terry’

Words By Alex Callan

Since day dot it’s been hard to reference a band that really sound like Terry.

Melbourne’s music scene boasts a revolving door of musicians trying to carve out a sound that’ll help differentiate them from the crowd. And while so many try, many struggle with their ‘new sound’ almost always getting lumped in with one of the city’s pre-established subgenres, or being so ‘new’ that audiences end up finding it whack. 

But where others struggle in the pursuit of originality, Terry naturally succeeded.

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It’s as if, amongst the Melbourne music scene, there are punks; arts punks; cinematic-inspired desert rock outfits… and Terry.

Featuring members from Constant Mongrel, The UV Race, Primo!, Sleeper & Snake, Chateau and Rocky; the alt-rock outfit marks themselves as one of the few acts with a sound so unique that it’s hard to explain. Combining elements of alt gothic-country (Gold Duck), futuristic jazz (Market), and pensive post-punk (Jane Roe) all in one, it really is a sound that can only be described as Terry. 

And it’s awfully easy to get lost in the world of Terry.

From the contrast of multi-pitched vocals on ‘Miracles’ to the sharp, tinny guitar tones and steadfast drumming of ‘Centuries’, Call Me Terry has a lot on offer. And with its sound tying in everything from horns and string arrangements to Al Montfort’s famed ‘Fuzz Factory’ (which includes a tremolo in his pedal chain), it’s chaotic in the best of ways. 

Seven years, four albums and four 7’s later, you can now “Call Me Terry”.

Call Me Terry is out now via Anti Fade Records and Upset the Rhythm (UK). Check it out on Bandcamp here