Carlos Lara, has just launched his solo project, JUNIE, with the debut single ‘Exercise’

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Carlos Lara, has just launched his solo project, JUNIE, with the debut single ‘Exercise’

Frontman of Bootleg Rascal, Carlos Lara, has just launched his solo project, JUNIE, with the debut single ‘Exercise’ – produced and mixed by the Sydney-based artist himself, and mastered by long-time collaborator Ian Pritchett (Boo Seeka, Kim Churchill, Angus and Julia Stone).

Taking cues from the likes of Anderson .Paak, J. Cole and Andre 3000, ‘Exercise’ is a melting pot of RnB,
reggae, pop and soul. Although saccharine in its delivery, the endearing track oozes with an intense sense
of assurance and integrity.

To celebrate, he’s put together his Top 5 Dreamville releases!

Milky way – Bas
Every song on this album to me has no faults, each track is a vibe and can stand alone by themselves, it’s such a good album and he is a prolific words smith. I got to see him live and it amazed me that he didn’t miss one word….much respect. Tribe is probably my favourite song on this one, so fun and some mad bars!!

Revenge of the dreamers III
This album comes with a story! The one time that all the Dreamville artists were in one place and were able to come together over 10 days and record this mammoth album. It has up’s and downs songs that will jerk your heart, and songs that bring out the little gangster in all of us. The amount of people that worked on this album is incredible and you can just hear the vibe of the studio through the music….Electric. 1995 is a vibe track if you like the devils lettuce.

K.O.D /2014 forest hill drive -J.cole
I am Honestly split, he is one of my favourite artists and these two albums both have songs that mean the world to me and have inspired me so much. K.O.D has ‘1985’ which I think is one of my favourite diss songs ever. And Froest hill has ‘Apparently’ about his mum and that really hits home for me.

Shea Butter Baby – Ari lennox
This song moves me, when I first heard it I think I replayed it 100 times. And it probably has one of my favourite verses from J.cole. Ari Lennox is absolutely amazing and has a voice that melts you. And the clip is trippy as hell and awesome. If you haven’t heard this track you definitely need to get your ears around this one.

Mirrorland – earthgang
This album changed things in my head musically, I still don’t know what it changed, but since then it has inspired me to not be scared to try the weirdest things that come to mind in the studio. I think Earthgang have such a unique sound and flow and look and everything, honestly like a new wave Outkast. I honestly believe that these guys are gonna be Hip-Hop legends.

Check the song out below.