Brayden O’Hanlon is a musician with a huge heart and the best vibes

Brayden O’Hanlon is a musician with a huge heart and the best vibes

Tell me a bit about yourself as a musician and what you’re up to at the moment.

So, I am a singer/songwriter and recording artist/session musician. With the approaching release of my original work. Currently gigging and playing shows in bars, clubs and pubs around Geelong/ Surf Coast and southwest regions. Everything from weddings and birthday functions, to pub cover nights and plenty more!

At the moment I’ve been working around the clock on a self-titled album. The single to be released first off is called ‘Oh Tonight’ (Due mid-November) which is really exciting!

How have you been keeping inspired during the reoccurring lockdowns?

The lockdown itself is inspiring in its own strange way. As I feel the express rollercoaster of emotions everyone has gone through, it brings forward some of the most magic and imaginative juices ever. This gets the brain working and wanting to JUST KEEP PLAYING which so many have struggled to do.

The lockdowns I guess created a little more time at home, which although at points is sad and daunting, it also allowed me to start projects I’ve been putting off or told myself ‘I didn’t have time’.

Creating a home studio from scrap wood and pieces proved to be enough to fire me up for so much more!

What advice would you give to other musicians who are struggling with creativity?

The advice I could give to any person who is struggling to find creativity or motivation is that the reason you lose the creative juices is because it no longer excites you. Find the building blocks that had you excited to begin with and allow yourself to go back!

The old ‘ONE step back to go TWO steps forward’ is extremely relevant. Step back to see what made you excited originally and from there is your own personal path way back up. which I can guarantee you’ll find at any age or level!

What’s been the hardest challenge about being a live musician in this climate?

The hardest part about being a current live musician is I guess learning the ability to be spontaneously prepared!

Obviously, us performers have been locked in and out, back and forth. But simply learning how to be ready ‘on the fly’. We don’t know if we will be locked down again or not which means learning to be mentally ready for both!

I’m lucky that my personality suits this in ways already. And I’m definitely not saying to be unorganized… It’s organising yourself to be able to be available as much as possible for the short-term calls (ha-ha I hope this makes sense).

How does it feel to finally be back on the mic in front of an audience?

Incredibly humbling… As performers, we are doing what we love and seriously take it for granted at points. Allowing myself to sink in and appreciate the atmosphere of people dancing, singing, talking and listening. I feel grateful for where I am and what I can do that makes myself and others happy!

The Hop Inn is a huge supporter of local musicians – why do you love performing at The Hop Inn?

The Hop Inn provided opportunities for as long as possible for live music. Without a doubt went above and beyond just to have me (and others). That’s just simply one reason why I love The Hop Inn both performances based and from a visitor’s point of view.

It seriously means the world to me. To provide myself and others and the work that goes unnoticed by many. You can’t thank them enough then to make sure you do right by them as they have well and truly done right by us as performers!

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