Bellarine-based singer-songwriter Sam Hanson captivates with his unique voice and solid guitar skills

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Bellarine-based singer-songwriter Sam Hanson captivates with his unique voice and solid guitar skills

Tell me a bit about yourself as a musician and what you’re up to at the moment.

Well…I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to do what I do. Music is an addiction and a love for me. It’s also therapy, actually, it’s mostly therapy. With the recent climate…. along with my family, it’s kept me going.  Having the ability to express my life through my music and my songs, has pulled me through some pretty hard times.

How have you been keeping inspired during the reoccurring lockdowns?

We as a band (10 HIGH FLY) used lockdowns and the time given to us, to the best of our ability. We brought out two albums, one was our debut album ‘Roller Coaster’ which was aptly named with the ups and downs of the times. The second album was a live album, recorded at The Door Gallery. We got one live gig away between a lockdown and used it for an acoustic album. We all as a band made the decision to remotely put it all together from our studios at home. I loved the experience!!!

What advice would you give to other musicians who are struggling with creativity?

Don’t push it. Inspiration and content don’t come to me when I pressure myself. When I sit down to specifically write a song, I could end up with anything or nothing. My most successful songs have been written at the worst times, usually when I have to be somewhere, running late, with the family in the car waiting for me… and I’m yelling hang on give me one more minute.

What’s been the hardest challenge about being a live musician in this climate?

The uncertainty: the worry that you’ll be excited and ready to play and the gig will be cancelled.

How does it feel to finally be back on the mic in front of an audience?

I’ll be honest, I was absolutely shit scared. Two years going from two to three gigs per week to nothing, then finally…. setting up to play and sound checking. I didn’t know what would come out when I tried to sing. No matter how much practice, nothing compares to actually playing. God, I’m happy it’s back though.

Why do you love performing at The Hop Inn?

As soon as you walk into The Hop, you’re greeted by such a happy crew!! Grant and his team make you feel so special, they look after you extremely well and provide a brilliant space to play. The clientele is also super supportive of live music.

The Hop Inn is a huge supporter of local musicians – what does this mean to you?

I wish a lot more venues were like The Hop Inn. There are so many amazingly talented local musicians in Geelong. To have performing spaces like this with support for locals is so important. I’m really looking forward to what summer will bring this year!!


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