Bottles & Barrels transforms into a Euro-inspired dining destination with ‘Bistro at Bottles & Barrels’ 

Bottles & Barrels transforms into a Euro-inspired dining destination with ‘Bistro at Bottles & Barrels’ 

Within the blink of an eye, this boutique wine store and cafe is turning into a bustling bistro serving up fine booze and delicious eats in the evening.

There’s a lot to love about Geelong wine store, Bottles & Barrels.

Situated on the picturesque Aberdeen Street and nestled in between the iconic Pakington Street and Shannon Avenue, Bottles & Barrels has become a wine connoisseur’s delight in the form of a bottle shop turned trendy liquor haven.

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With its 100-year old roots and fully functioning bottle shop, coupled with its status as a walk-in alcohol store, featuring some of the finest selections in the city, and its Nomad Styling-designed café focussing on local produce and the people who make it, the boutique venue has just given us one more reason to love them with their new dining concept, ‘Bistro at Bottles & Barrels’.

Giving us one more destination to indulge in after-work wines and delicious eats, the cafe section of the venue will transform from an all-day café into a relaxed spot to indulge in a tight European-inspired menu.

Opening Thursday to Saturday nights, the Bistro is all about yummy food and great wine. Providing flavoursome and fresh dishes, supporting local suppliers, it’ll be hard not to find multiple things that tickle your fancy.

For something light, the refined menu features marinated olives served warm, beer nuts, chicken pate, Gilda, croquettes, Burrata with figs, mint and basil, and Oysters, while larger plates include a stunning three cheese selection with accompaniments, a Salumi board, or a Deli Meats platters, complete with prosciutto, Mortadella, Jamon and pickled vegetables.

For the sweet tooth diner, thee’s Canale and Tiramisu, alongside their perfectly-brewed Seven Seeds coffee.

Wine and beer will be on a BYO license – so diners can browse their extensive range of unique and delicious beverages in their wine store before heading next store for a relaxed dining experience. Whether you’re after a craft beer or a big, bold shiraz, you’ll find something to nestle into the evening with.

‘Bistro at Bottles & Barrels’ will operate on a walk-in or booking basis. Call 0404 169 806 during business hours to save your spot!