Blade Runner is screening with a live score at Hamer Hall this November

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Blade Runner is screening with a live score at Hamer Hall this November


Experience Ridley Scott’s multi-Academy Award-nominated cult classic, Blade Runner (2007 Final Cut), on a vast screen while Vangelis' synthesiser-led score is performed live in-sync with the 1982 motion picture.

With one of the most ground-breaking scores in the history of film, Blade Runner’s soundtrack evokes a futuristic dystopian world. Vangelis’ music and his iconic score are at the very core of Ridley Scott’s cult classic.

Blade Runner Live

  • 4 – 5 November | Hamer Hall
  • Tickets on sale Friday 11 August, 11am
  • $79 – $149

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Widely recognised as a new age masterpiece, the score features some of Vangelis’ best work including the tracks Love Theme and Runners Blues.

In this stylish noir thriller, detective Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) must return to work as the eponymous Blade Runner, a Replicant (synthetic human) hunter. He is tasked with finding four escaped Replicants from the colonies, who’ve returned to earth. His mission is complicated when he falls for Rachel (Sean Young); the ultimate dame with a secret.

No discussion of Blade Runner is complete without mentioning the haunting and atmospheric score composed by Vangelis. The music weaves seamlessly with the film’s visuals, enhancing the sense of melancholy and wonder. The synth-heavy soundtrack contributes to the film’s futuristic ambiance, becoming a character in its own right and setting the standard for memorable science fiction soundscapes.

While Blade Runner initially faced mixed reviews and a lukewarm box office reception, its impact on both the sci-fi genre and popular culture as a whole cannot be overstated. The film’s unique aesthetic, philosophical ponderings, and exploration of the relationship between humans and technology have inspired generations of filmmakers, writers, and artists. It paved the way for the cyberpunk movement and helped define the visual language of futuristic settings in film and literature.

In the realm of science fiction cinema, few films can match the enduring impact of the original Blade Runner. Its bold exploration of philosophical themes, stunning visual design, and thought-provoking narrative have solidified its status as a timeless masterpiece. As the years have passed, its influence has only grown, and its relevance remains as potent as ever. Whether pondering the nature of humanity or marvelling at its visually striking world, Blade Runner continues to enthral audiences and challenge us to contemplate the future we are creating.

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