Blackman’s Brewery is opening a massive beer bar and brewery in Grovedale

Blackman’s Brewery is opening a massive beer bar and brewery in Grovedale

As promised, the legends at Blackman’s are back with some exciting news.

Six years on from launching in Torquay and just weeks after announcing the closure of their much-loved Geelong CBD venue, the absolute local legends over at Blackman’s Brewery have announced plans to transform a Lewalan St warehouse into a hub for beer-lovers.

Having ran out of room at their 12 hectolitre brewhouse on Bell Street in Torquay, the new Grovedale location is slated to include a 100-person taproom ‘beer bar’ (where we can all head for bulk bevs) within a brand new production facility – set to include a 25 Hectoliter (2500 litre) brewhouse and canning line with the capacity to brew 1 million litres per year.

That’s a huge win for the people of Geelong, and for the dedicated beer aficionados in Torquay, their original brewhouse will remain on site and continue making beers for their local venues.

“The decision to install a second brewery, rather than just move our equipment from Torquay ensures that we will retain our ability to brew stacks of seasonals because we absolutely love to do so, and also means the original beers will still be brewed and served fresh onsite from our the serving tanks in Torquay.

“And we just love brewing good beer in Torquay, it’s really that simple,” the Blackman’s team revealed.

“And the Tap Room? Beers with your mates, friends and family in amongst the brew house and tanks with the Blackman’s hospitality vibe you expect from us. We can’t wait to have a beer with you in Grovedale!”

According to plans, the bar is proposed to have a 100-patron cap, as well as a space to park food trucks. The brewery is expected to open on Thursdays and Fridays from 5pm, and on weekends from 12pm, which is pretty convenient timing and location for a knock-off drink at the end of the week.

To say we’re keen is perhaps the biggest understatement of the year, and we’re just so damn proud of the Blackman’s Brewery team and how far they’ve come. The need for a larger facility is a testament to the sheer dedication and success of the independent Torquay business, who opened back in 2014 with just two beers; an IPA and a Golden Ale. At this stage, they were producing 1,000 litres max a week, with Renn Blackman brewing and packaging everything himself.

After six years of adding new tanks and equipment to various new sheds and containers in Torquay, purchasing a canning line, being one of the first breweries in Australia to put IPA in a can (Reginald), and winning Champion Small Australian Brewery in 2019, it’s no surprise that the Blackman’s crew have truly outgrown their ability to brew all the beer they need in their original space.

The new Grovedale venue is expected to open to the public in March.

Keep an eye on their website and socials for more updates on their latest venue, as well as the official opening date.