Blackman’s Brewery are now delivering fresh pints to homes in Torquay

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Blackman’s Brewery are now delivering fresh pints to homes in Torquay

Yes, you read that correctly.

Local legends and creators of good beer for everyone, Blackman’s Brewery are proving to be at the top of their game in recent times with the way they’ve adapted amid the current global crisis.

With major events cancelled and the social distancing rules and regulations impacting their every day operations, Blackman’s previously launched their own delivery service spawned from the interest of keeping the beer brewing (phew!) and their awesome team working.

Now they’ve upped the ante, and have decided to deliver fresh pints of beer to their patrons in Torquay.

Every Saturday between 3pm and 6pm, the team will roll up to your place in their beer mobile, pour you a pint in a glass and leave it at the front door.

Oh, how we miss the satisfaction of a frosty, perfectly poured pint of the amber nectar…

For just $36, you can get two fresh pints (pint glass included) or for $35 you can get yourself a stein filled with beer. Once you’ve made your first order, you get to keep your glass and order your refills weekly if you choose (at a lower price).

If you don’t want to keep your pint, you can drop it back to the brewery Thurs – Sat 4pm – 8:30pm for a $5 refund (or $15 for a stein).

These are available for pre-order only and the team will message you with arrival time on the day.

Alongside these fresh pints, the team have also announced a local ‘Beer & Bread Essentials Box’ loaded with the incredible Zeally Bay Sourdough plus a Blackman’s mixed 6 pack which can be delivered to your door on Friday’s, and their Blackman’s Boxes which will feature creations like the Brewer’s Brunch, Ribs, Platters, Beer Can Chicken… you name it.

It’s never been more important to support local and independent. You can suss all their delivery options here.