Bird Machine deliver a raw and dreamy upheaval of alt-rock, pop, and folk with self-titled debut EP

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Bird Machine deliver a raw and dreamy upheaval of alt-rock, pop, and folk with self-titled debut EP

Words by Alex Callan

Bird Machine will perform their debut EP to a sold-out crowd at Analogue Academy in Geelong this week.

There’s something about Bird Machine’s debut self-titled EP that is so wholesome yet poignant at the same time.

From the minds of Geelong-born, New Zealand-based Luke and his wife Jenna Grbin, Bird Machine’s debut dabbles between “good and bad dreams”, with the EP’s primary focus revolving around the duo’s personal experiences of loss, love and the coping mechanisms attached to the process of grief. 

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Delivered with introspection and a raw tenderness, Bird Machine’s output spans a wealth of dreamy soundscapes, merging alt-rock, folk and pop together to create a unique melancholic quality. 

‘Our Kind’ feels reminiscent of the alt-country stylings of Jeff Buckley, with the folk-orientated opener delicately balancing vocal crescendos with string arrangements and loud, reverbed drum tones. ‘Twice In The Heart’ is much more subdued in its approach, with powerful dual vocals predominantly acting as the song’s driving force. The gently floating and rolling single ‘Time & Space’ sees Jenna emotionally sing about living in the wake of personal loss; it’s an incredibly delicate moment that stands out due to its introspective and perceptive recount of loss.

The closing track ‘I’m Right Here’ adds in elements of psychedelic with certain effects creating a dissonant, washed-out feeling to the echoed vocals. 

Considering the EP was self-produced, there is a lot to be impressed by, with Luke and Jenna Grbin’s debut displaying an expert prowess in songwriting, composition and production. A masterful first effort.

Label: Independent   Release date: November 25