Bellarine-based psychedelic dream-pop band Sirens unveil enchanting debut EP 

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Bellarine-based psychedelic dream-pop band Sirens unveil enchanting debut EP 

Photo by Patrick Callow
Words by Alex Callan

The magical blend of these genres in their dreamy soundscapes paired with a theatrical touch on stage, makes Sirens truly stand out.

Having first covered Sirens in my piece on ‘12 Victorian Acts to Keep an Eye On’ earlier this year, I’ve been excitedly waiting for the release of their debut EP. I mean, they are a dream-pop psych group; hailing from Bellarine, produced by Bones and Jones’ Jasper Jolley and signed to the home-grown label Bonsai Records… How can you not be excited about it?

From the opener ‘Night Swim Pt 1,’ it’s evident that the group are onto a relatively new sound for the local scene. Showcasing a lazy Sunday lounge vibe akin to ‘Stereolab’ but with more of a garage edge, Sirens find themselves as a group who are not quite punk; folk or pop, but somehow all three simultaneously. 

The Valley delivers an earnest quality that would make it perfect for a film’s soundtrack. With a melody that vaguely resembles The Murlocs ‘Comfort Zone,’ and guitar and key harmonics intertwined to add mesmerising undertones, it has an overall sensibility which could be interpreted as sombre or uplifting depending on the context you listen in. Meaning it’s sure to be equally as powerful every time you revisit it. 

Dance In The Depths feels slightly more sinister due to it’s haunting whispered vocals and heavier basslines, as does the spoken word narration of George Carroll Wilson on 

Night Swim Pt 2 which is a collaboration that I’d love to see more fleshed out in future.

Throughout the entire release you’ll encounter enigmatic vocal harmonies delivered perfectly in unison, adjacent to a psych backing. Although the closer ‘Absence of Pleasure’ brings it home with the most conviction. As all four members’ enchanting howl’s ring out the release, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself clicking ‘re-play’. 

Sirens’ debut EP is out now via Bonsai Records. Find out more here.