Queenscliff Music Festival cancelled for 2021, the second year in a row

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Queenscliff Music Festival cancelled for 2021, the second year in a row

The 2021 Queenscliff Music Festival has been cancelled despite its late November date, with the 2022 QMF set for November 25-27, 2022

The QMF team have sadly had to cancel their 2021 iteration for its November dates as Australia moves out of COVID-19 restrictions, with the organisers ran out of time to secure a Victorian Public Events Framework.

The festival organisers are looking at potential summer events, but current QMF 2021 tickets will automatically transfer and become valid for QMF 2022 unless patrons wish to receive a refund.

The key takeaways

  • The 2021 Queenscliff Music Festival has been cancelled
  • It will instead occur in November 25 – 27, 2022
  • Tickets will automatically transfer and refunds will be made available

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“We set about organising an event this year with great hope and optimism early in 2021. Things were looking extremely positive in Australia at the time, so we pushed ahead, booked the acts, put tickets on sale, made plans…. and then COVID reared its ugly head again,” the organisers said.

“Over the past few weeks we have been exploring all options for a November 2021 event to go ahead, including running a demonstration event in reduced format, showing how events could safely return, with proof of vaccination, social distancing etc.

“Sadly, time has run out, and without a Victorian Public Events Framework in place against which our event application can be assessed or access to event cancellation insurance our event cannot proceed.

It’s a risky business to start organising an event, spend significant amounts of money in advance, and then have the potential for it to be shut down at the last minute. If this was to happen to QMF it would threaten our ability to be here in 2022.

“It absolutely seems like we’re nearly there with events…. but sadly the lead time to pull something off is just too great for us to keep pushing ahead. Vaccination rate projections show Victoria reaching 80%+ in early November, and the State Governments Road map suggests that events will return but potentially not until early 2022. As such we are once again busy working on some Plan B (or is it C/D/E now?) options for this Summer. We are hoping to be able to bring music back and gather with you all in Queenscliff in some way in early 2022. Unfortunately, we are not able to announce anything right now like we had hoped, but please stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks/months.”

All current Ticket Holders will be contacted separately via email regarding the Ticket Transfer & Refund process.

Emails to ticket holders regarding this process will be sent out today, and the organisers will also send an email via Trybooking just to be sure patrons receive the information.

For more information, head to the Queenscliff Music Festival website.