Bearded Bros

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Bearded Bros

Bearded Bros have recently teamed up with Surefit Personal Training to create the ultimate space for the health and fitness conscious.

The space makes for the new Bearded Bros HQ, as well as the second location for Surefit Personal Training, which have been brought together by Bearded Bros owner, Nik Pfarrer and owner of Surefit Personal Training, Mitch Walters.

Although, prior to this, Bearded Bros was an entity all of its own, with owner Nik noting that this was simply the next step for him business-wise.

Bearded Bros kicked things off some years ago with the Bearded Bros ‘Breaky Bowl’, which based itself heavily around the ideals and practices of Mike Dolce, a fitness and nutrition expert who is primarily known for his work with elite UFC fighters, assisting them in controlling their weight while consuming five to six meals a day.

Nik was initially inspired to take to a path of health and fitness after personally struggling with issues of weight gain, when he soon realised that he had found his calling.

Continuously working towards bettering his own health and fitness, Bearded Bros was born out of the desire to also assist others with theirs.

Nik acknowledged the ever-growing market for this kind of thing, with people only becoming more and more health conscious. With this, working out of a small kitchen, Bearded Bros would soon stock several gyms and countless people, both in and out of fitness communities across Australia.

Now, the recent collaboration with Surefit Personal Training has allowed for a more permanent space for Bearded Bros, featuring a variety of healthy food, drink options, official Bearded Bros tees and hoodies and most importantly, delicious DC Coffee from as early as 6:30am – perfect to pep you up on those fresh mornings or to refresh after your workout with Surefit.


Hidden down Dairy Lane in Newtown (off Pako’s river end), you’ll find a variety of Nik’s own products such as varying flavoured granola bars, chocolate cookies with protein butter-cream filling, focaccias and toasties, along with their delicious power balls. These babies come in a variety of flavours including choc coconut, berry ripe, choc banana, choc mint and our favourite, vanilla chai! Yum! You will also find a handful of other healthy food collaborations on offer in the space as well, such as Fit Fast Food and Downtown Juices.

While mostly boasting healthy food options, there will also be the option of ‘sometimes’ food (thanks to Uncle Donut), because hey, life is all about balance. And we’re not going to argue with that!

Where: 63 West Fyans Street, Geelong (Entry via Dairy Lane)
When: Monday to Friday 6:30am – 2:30pm, Saturday 8am – 2pm