Tech to sell your wares

Tech to sell your wares

For many of us, selling a t-shirt or two for $10 may be the difference between heading to that gig on Friday night or getting an extra drink after work. So in light of supporting your abilities to head out and have a good time, here are a few spots to sell your old (but still appealing) stuff.


First things first if you want to sell on Etsy, there are some niches. Items need to either be of really great quality, steering towards the vintage appeal, or of a handmade/crafty nature. But it’s still a great tool for those with clothes that slot into the online community.
Site: Use via the Etsy app or online site.


Like the Sean Connery of the fashion-selling world, eBay is an old-ey, but a good-ey. It comes with a few stresses in the tediousness of setting up something to sell, but you can’t deny it’s massive reach, ability and monitoring abilities.
Site: Use via the eBay app or online site.

Asos Marketplace

Students (or those living on a shoestring budget) will be very familiar with the likes of Asos, and so when they introduced the Asos Marketplace to sell our clothes, we were stoked. It follows the same concept as eBay, but in a fashion focused community. Perks is it is also worldwide, so there’s a much larger audience to attract. Downside if the postage costs.

Facebook Buy/Sell

For those who probably want the most convenient option possible, Facebook is where it’s at. After all, we know you’re on it 60 per cent of the day anyway, what’s another 10 per cent to sell some clothes? Most towns will have their own Facebook sales group (for Geelong search: ‘Geelong Online Sales’) which are created and monitored by regular folk. Simply hunt your page down, get down with the lingo (NIL is next in line and WTB is wanting to buy – as well as many others) and make some cashola!
Site: Use via the Facebook mobile app or Facebook online.


One of the newest apps to the online marketplace, Shedd can be done from the convenience of your own phone and connects like-minded fashion lovers to making buying and selling a breeze. The creators are also all about clean imagery, so it’s time to get a bit more creative when photographing your item.
Site: Download the app from