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The Collingwood trio affectionately known as ‘The Piss’ is currently in a self-imposed hibernation. “We’re working on our new album at the moment,” revealed bassist Thomy Turtle during a Friday evening catch-up. “Actually, we haven’t started recording yet,” he added, before admitting their reasons for lying low at the moment are a little more homespun. “Our drummer Marty just had a baby, so we wanted to give him time to learn how to wipe arses and shit like that!” Thomy laughed.
However, there’s no need to despair, pissheads – Thomy, Marty and Paul will be joined by local lads The Kremlings in support of US punkers the Dwarves at The Barwon Club on Thursday, October 16, before backing it up to open for good mates, The Meanies, in Sydney the next day. Batpiss is also booked to play again with The Meanies at their Melbourne gig at The Hi-Fi, alongside Clowns on Friday the 24th.
“We’ve definitely pulled some good supports! Last year we played with The Bronx, DZ Deathrays, and OFF! – they were sick to open for,” Thomy smiled, but he was quick to point out the key to scoring these sought-after gigs is to be professional and play it cool. “We tend not to play the fanboy card. We just say G’day and mind our own business.”
Right now, Batpiss is doing just that, and Thomy says they’re close to wrapping up the writing phase for a new LP – a follow-up to 2013’s Nuclear Winter. “We want at least ten songs on this record, we’ve written eight. We need a couple more then we’ll get in the studio and smash it out! We recorded Nuclear Winter in ten hours, so hopefully this one’ll be the same!” he grinned.
“This next album will be a little darker,” Thomy says when I asked how their sound had evolved. “I wouldn’t say we are staying away from it, but there’s less of a punk sound to the new stuff … it’s a lot heavier I think. The challenge is to keep things interesting. I wouldn’t wanna make the same record twice.
“The songs we’re writing have a slightly different vibe to Nuclear Winter. While we were making it [Nuclear Winter], we were still finding our sound. Now I think we’ve found it, and we’re doing really well. These songs sound like The Piss, so we’re happy.”
In the meantime, you can satisfy your thirst by checking out their single Daredevil (watch the live version here “Our new single is coming out on a split 7-inch with good friends of ours Bits of Shit – who’re also a legendary band around the Collingwood area,” Thomy explained. “They wrote Daredevil for us and we wrote a song for them as well. That release will definitely be out before our album,” Thomy assured me.
You can also catch Batpiss before they go back into hibernation at the 7th annual River Rocks at The Barwon Club on Saturday, November 15. The line-up includes the almighty Tumbleweed, Nunchukka Superfly and HITS, among others. I predict we’re in for a treat, but don’t take my word for it.
“River Rocks is fucking heaps good fun, it’s a sweet day. We played it last year as well – it was our first gig ever in Geelong. It went down really well and now we can’t wait to go back,” Thomy gushed. “There were a lot of wasted people having a good time, which I like to see!”
When&Where: The Barwon Club, Geelong – October 16
By Natalie Rogers