Banoffee: Self-Titled

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Banoffee: Self-Titled

One look at Banoffee’s (aka Martha Brown) face and you’d think all she’d be capable of is sickly sweet pop melodies. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Banoffee is the answer to all your new wave RnB dreams. Synth glides over syncopated beats and deeply contemplative lyrics. Her vocals are dark, yet at times surprisingly sweet, and they strike such a perfect balance you simply can’t decide what side to turn to.
Dark and moody vocals ooze in over the top of pops of synth in opener number ‘Got It’. All puns aside, Banoffee has listeners in the palm of her hands barely 10 seconds into the start of her EP. In ‘Ohhhh Owwww’ she questions her feelings regarding a relationship, and there’s a pretty obvious feeling of resentment as she utters the words “F*ck everything, F*ck it all to hell”.
While the overall composition and cosmic beats that Banoffee delivers are mesmerising in themselves, her lyrical talent is where your praise should really be directed. ‘Reign’ manages to capture emotions in rhythmically beautiful lines like no one I’ve heard in a long time.
It seems with musicians like FKA Twigs and Banks gaining major talk in the industry, RnB has rebranded itself and made a comeback few would have seen coming. With such talent, and all at 24 years old, Banoffee is bound to be a major player in this new exciting sound.
By Amanda Sherring