Banoffee: Do I Make You Nervous?

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Banoffee: Do I Make You Nervous?

Growing up through the ’90s, like many kids, I developed a soft spot for R ‘n’ B beats – Ciara and Amerie were faves of mine. Also a confessed lover of the genre, Banoffee has managed to translate her love for the genre and merge it into the techno stylings of today. The result is beautiful smooth, techno R ‘n’ B beats. ‘With Her’ is the perfect track to introduce her sound, and with its repetitive nature (trust me that’s a good thing) it’s an easy beat to dance to.
‘I’m Not Sorry’ takes a turn into the more electronic territory, and I feel doesn’t quite live up to the rest of the EP. This song is kind of like that kid in the soccer team who gets picked last, he may still be the greatest of players, but there’s just something about him that doesn’t fit in.
A highlight on the album is ‘Body Suit’ where Banoffee’s vocals reach notes and pitches she hasn’t previously and her soulful beats come to the forefront. Do I Make You Nervous? is a great piece of work showcasing how quickly Banoffee has developed her sound and nestled comfortably into her self-created genre (really, I can’t think of many who sound like Banoffee). I’d quite comfortably claim she’s the next musician to blow up on triple j, watch this space.
Out Via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring