Izzy Losi and the Auracles Q&A

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Izzy Losi and the Auracles Q&A

Chances are if you’re a Geelong local the name Izzy Losi means a lot to you. She’s the talented singer who sits singing heart felt tunes at her piano alongside her band the Auracles. It’s been a while since you’ve been able to experience a true Izzy Losi and the Auracles gig, but the time has come for the band to make a comeback and they’re doing a fundraiser to help kick things into gear with their new EP.
Hi Izzy, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
Great thanks but pretty tired – we had a busy weekend rehearsing! It’s a great feeling getting right back into my songwriting again… If you’re in the art of any form of artistic creation there’s nothing better than the feeling that you finally have your mojo back!
So things have been a little bit quiet in the musical world for Izzy Losi and the Auracles, what have the band been up to over the past few years?
Soon after releasing ‘Outlast the Storm in 2012, I headed to Europe. Over there I got up to a few adventures; one included playing to a bunch of skiers in northern Italy (the same week Michael Shumarker had his horrific accident just over the mountain in France). My friend asked the cover duo to get off stage, I got up and played ‘Running’ the single from the EP. The whole pub went quite. I introduced myself in Italian and English. It was great to know that people still appreciate original music. When I finished, everyone began talking again.
Last year, I won the Melbourne heat of the Telstra Road to Discovery. I played at the Toff against some other up and coming Melbourne female songwriters. My entry was up against hundreds of applicants from Victoria, so just getting a live heat spot was awesome. From there, I spent one week at a Bootcamp where I showcased my songs to Andy Bull, Ella Hooper, Kav Temperly and Georgia Fields to name a few. It was an awakening experience; it showed me I still had the potential and I should get back into my music again. I really felt like I needed to do something about it. These people believe in me at probably one of my most unrehearsed and unfocused times. If I’m actually focused again; what am I capable of?
Obviously with the return also brings with it some new music, have these newer tracks stayed pretty true to your style or can fans expect some changes?
The new tracks are more mature lyrically, I’ve gone more rocky too. I love the sound we have as a three piece – drums really lift my tracks. Influences recently have been bands like London Grammar; big, bold statements. I’m still saying true to who I am as an artist. I’m still me. The songs are a bit less ballad like than what I used to go for, but still very piano driven. Lots of catchy licks too!
There is a fundraiser gig set up to raise funds, what can fans expect on the night?
A chance to listen to some old favourites (circa 2010) some fun stage banter, a chance to check out our new drummer (he’s always making us laugh over something!) yummy food from the Wintergarden, you won’t go hungry as far as I’m concerned (being Italian I can’t let you go hungry!) an opportunity to bid on some awesome items to take home and a chance to mingle with some awesome fellow music lovers!! We have a sweet rendition of a song by a lovely fellow female pianist/songwriter lined up. Attendees will receive a pre-release EP when it becomes available too.
After the fundraiser gigs finishes up, what will be the next steps for the band?
We will be tracking the new songs, and hopefully hitting the studio early next year. We will be playing live more, but you won’t necessarily hear our new best kept secrets; you’ll have to come down on the 26th to get the first preview or until a single launch at least!
Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us, is there anything else you’d like to add before we finish up?
Support your local song creators; ask to hear their originals, get over too many cover songs and get over too much music being marketed from OS. We have awesome home grown talent starting you right in the face! I hope I can meet some fellow Forte readers at a gig in the near future!! Peace! Buy tickets at www.izzylosi.com.
When & Where: Wintergarden Cafe, Geelong – September 26