Ballarat Festival of Slow Music

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Ballarat Festival of Slow Music

When was the last time you connected to the music that played on the radio or from your iPod? If you’re struggling to think of an answer, chances are you need to head down to the Festival of Slow Music to rectify it.
Held at multiple venues around Ballarat from August 23, there are a variety of events from artist talks to performances that will easily fix your problems connecting.
Artistic director, Adam Simmons, has brought the festival back for a second year in the hopes of it becoming an annual event to put on your calendar.
“I want to create an annual festival where people can take time to listen and engage with the music and the artists, where new collaborations can grow, and where people will experience the ability that music has to refresh, inspire and astonish,” he says.
The festival has taken the idea from the Slow Food movement but has instead placed their focus on the sensation of hearing, as each event is entirely acoustic.
Inspired by the Portraits Concert Series at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, also curated by Adam, the festival highlights the Ballarat region’s artistic heritage and contemporary music and arts scene. Clearly Adam is a fan of celebrating what the region has, and has pieced together a nine-day festival to do so.
While the main events of the festival are held over the weekend there are still a number of events leading up to it. Through a series of open rehearsals during the week you can witness the final preparations of the festivals special projects.
Undoubtedly a highlight of the festival is Akathistos: The Machineries of Ritual, a seven-hour immersive work that recreates the Akathistos Hymn. It was premiered at MONA FOMA last year, and so this encore performance is a rare chance for you to see unique event.
There are a handful of free events for those light on cash and still wanting to get involved. Head down to the Morning Meditations for a soothing start to the day or get involved in The Big Om and lend your voice to an exciting group project.
So it’s time you make some space on your calendar to listen and engage with a diverse range of music and artists. If Adam asks anything of you, it’s that you go to at least one even you know nothing about. You never know, it may become the one you will never forget!
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When&Where: Various locations, Ballarat – August 23-31
By Amanda Sherring