Tri-UMPH Music Festival

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Tri-UMPH Music Festival

St. Joseph’s, Sacred Heart, Clonard and Saint Ignatius Colleges are uniting on September the 5th, 2014 to make poverty history with the third Tri-UMPH Music Festival.
Tri-UMPH is back bigger than ever, with well known local bands such as Mascot Fall, I Know The Chief, Residual and Imogen Brough, along with many more DJ’s, bands, even including student and traditional East Timorese musical performances.
Tri-UMPH, standing for Triennially United to Make Poverty History is the way in which Geelong Catholic secondary schools aim to make a difference. The successful music festivals in 2008 and 2011 are an example of just how much of an impact students can have on the lives of those living in developing countries.
In 2014, the schools will be raising funds for the towns of Baccua and Railaco in East Timor. With a focus on training young teachers, as well as providing assistance to the Christian Brothers and and the Jesuit mission.
Each of the four schools have a lasting connection with the East Timorese communities, and all believe that the aim of raising $50,000 will make an incredible difference to the lives of these people who have suffered extreme poverty.
Whilst being an event to support East Timor, the day will also allow the students to donate and purchase items from various charities such as Oxfam and Bali Smiles.
This entirely student organised event is an incredible example of the difference students can make toward making poverty history. The students hope that this event will inspire other schools to co-ordinate similar events to make a difference.