Ballarat: Australian Jazz Convention

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Ballarat: Australian Jazz Convention

For the first time in more than 65 years, Ballarat will be the only location to have hosted the Australian Jazz Convention three years running. It truly looks like there is jazz in the blood of Ballarat.

Beginning in 1946, the Australian Jazz Convention prides itself as being the longest continuously running event of its kind in the world, organised as a convention for the musicians, whilst also warmly welcoming visitors.

Attracting hundreds of musicians from across Australia and overseas, Ballarat will host this magnificent event where streets of majestic buildings, historic lane ways and imposing architecture from the 1850’s gold rush period forms the backdrop for six days of performances, master classes, piano recitals, trade fair and free public concert. There will also be a street parade of colour and toe-tapping music where citizens are encouraged to join in, especially the little ones.

In addition, the programme includes the Original Tunes Competition, Welcome Night and New Year’s Eve Parties, Street Music and Jazz & Jug Blackboard Programme.

Apart from the musicians in registered bands, there are also ‘casual musician’ arranged jamming sites where they can complement their on stage performances by meeting up with their mates in comfortable surroundings.

A convention entirely conducted by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis, it provides musicians at all levels of experience, professional and amateur, opportunities to network whilst combining their talents to produce the music they love. Although primarily a Jazz Musician Convention, visitors are encouraged to experience the programme events with the aim of spreading the enjoyment of Jazz.
It’s simply fabulous, and an event that should not be missed!

The 72nd Australian Jazz Convention runs from December 26 through 31.

Day Passes available through Her Majesties Theatre and the Registration Office in the Mining Exchange Lydiard St North.

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