Ball Park Music Are Guns Blazing with Their New Sound & National Tour

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Ball Park Music Are Guns Blazing with Their New Sound & National Tour

For Ball Park Music, there is one thing that makes them go “balls to the wall” at their live shows.

Whilst chatting to guitarist and backup vocalist of the five-piece indie pop-rock band Dean Hanson, the down to earth artist says hearing crowds sing along to their lyrics is the best feeling on stage. “That stuff just never gets old. Playing songs and having people react and sing lyrics back to you and just fully get into it – it’s the best.”

Even if you don’t know the words, Hanson won’t mind. “As long as you’re trying, I’m happy.”

Now four albums in, Ball Park Music have reminded us just why we can’t get enough of them with the recent release of Every Night The Same Dream, which sees the band toying with new, intriguing sounds amongst their poppy roots.
“We made a conscious decision to be a little more careless about what we were putting on the record to see if we could explore some new territory, and tried to not really think about how people were going to judge that music,” Hanson says.

After teasing fans with singles, and giving a phenomenal performance at Splendour in the Grass this year, the new record has been long awaited by Ball Park fans, with the Queensland outfit taking time off to travel overseas since the release of Puddinghead in 2014. Marking the longest time between releases for the band, Hanson says it took a long time because they “were just a little unsure about what direction we wanted to go in.”

With multiple sold out shows for their 17-date Australian tour this month (and first national run in two years), the tour will be “all guns blazing” according to the infectious musician.

Between chatting about a prevailing love of smashed avocado and his absolute despise of the doughnut milkshakes fad, the comical guitarist says a lot of their time on the road is just spent playing cards, drinking beer, talking shit and sharing a room with his twin brother and drummer of the band Daniel.

“Everyone else gets their own room with a double bed and we share a room with two single beds – two little singles for the kids. It seems like that’s just the configuration of every hotel room ever!”

With their massive album tour and a Falls Festival slot for New Years, Hanson lets slip that the wait for the next record won’t be long with new music already in the works.
“Given the way this record has been received, it almost feels as if people are anticipating where we will go next now that we have had a bit of growth on this one.

“It’s been reaffirming for us to have people say this could be their best record yet. I don’t want to stop that creative front, because then it might just stagnate and we might just lose track of that. It just feels right to do that now and see what’s next.”

Written by Talia Rinaldo

When & Where: Barwon Club, Geelong – October 5 & 6