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BADBADNOTGOOD are your new favourite band that you’ve never heard of. Originally from Canada BBNG, as they are more commonly known, have released their third studio album in four years. The first album to feature solely original compositions, this set of tracks is quite an interesting listen straight from the beginning. The band are obviously quite accomplished jazz musicians and mix in electronic and hip hop break beats to add something a little different to the mix.
A different sound to the record has admittedly taken a little while to get my head around, but there are sections to this album that I could hear as the backing track to a dinner party. Like most jazz albums, the tracks on this release are quite lengthy, the longest ‘Kaleidoscope’ clocking in at just over seven minutes. On the majority of this album, it seems that the electronic groove is set up and then the jazz improvisation and instrument solos kick in. There are a lot of different textures throughout this release, however the extended instrumental solos could probably have been cut just a little.
If obscure jazz/electronic records are your thing, then this is right up your alley. It will be interesting to see what BBNG produce next but for the meantime, indulge into those sultry saxophone lines of ‘Kaleidoscope’.
Out now via Innovative Leisure.
Written by Tex Miller