The Lion: Self titled EP

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The Lion: Self titled EP

The Lion won’t be a band that you’ve heard of before, and that’s because they are still yet to break into the fold of the music industry. But boy are they a band you should get to know.
With no previous exposure to The Lion, it was hard to know what to expect. But as soon as the unsettling post rock sounds of ‘Brace for the Fall’ began, I was hooked.
The Lion sounds similar to Karnivool or Incubus and that may also be due to those bands being amongst their inspirations.
Just like its predecessor ‘Cruise’ holds a menacing vibe but allows the drums to take centre stage for a bit longer than you’d normally allow. This is an instrumental track that may not be for everyone, but gives you a break from the mundane lyrics that fill so much of todays hits. There are points where the balance and layering of each instrument is questionable, and it seems they may have wanted to throw a little bit too much in the mix. Less is more after all. But this is something that is easily made up for in ‘Mission’ and ‘Simplify’ with their perfect instrumental balance.
Getting lost in The Lion is an easy fete, and before you know it the EP will be going for its third play. This release mightn’t be for everyone, but it’s a surprisingly good EP to chill out to.
Out now via independent release
Written by Amanda Sherring