Australia's Largest Indoor Hemp and Cannabis event is returning to Melbourne

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Australia's Largest Indoor Hemp and Cannabis event is returning to Melbourne

Australia’s largest indoor hemp and cannabis expo Hemp, Health & Innovation (HHI) is heading back to Melbourne over 2 MASSIVE days this December following the success of its debut last year.
With over 20,000 attendees across the last three years at its Sydney location, HHI Expo is the only event in Australia for ANYONE seeking information and awareness around all the crucial benefits that the hemp and cannabis plant offers both now and into the future.
“We are very proud that we can be seen as being the first to bring this type event to the public, it stemmed from wanting to educate people on the benefits the plant has to offer us now and into the future, not just medically but environmentally, as the applications are endless,” says event founder Michelle Crain.
With Canada having just nationally legalised ALL cannabis use both recreationally AND medicinally and hemp food being officially legal for sale and consumption in Australia since last November, there’s a lot of hype around the burgeoning domestic cannabis and hemp industry. This expo is experiential, educational and one of the best opportunities for Australian’s of all ages to taste, sample, purchase and learn how to cook with hemp in some hands on cooking demonstrations that the whole family can enjoy.
Within the expo, workshops, displays and exhibitors showcase everything from hemp foods, beverages, clothing, oils and tinctures, extraction equipment, vapes, art, building material, beauty products, health products, bedding, gardening and hydroponic equipment and much much more – including Michelle’s own hemp health food company, Tilba Hemp Foods.
“Prior to Hemp being made legal for consumption in 2017, many people were unaware of the health benefits of Hemp Seed, and quite a number simply had no idea what to do with it,” she explains. “So we have brought a ready to eat range of products that people can purchase, without having to think about how to prepare anything. We do a range of Jams, Jellys, Chutneys, Dukkah, and a new particular crowd favourite is Banana Hemp Seed Butter, which will be available to taste at the Expo!”
Alongside the expo, there’s also the 2018 Australian Cannabis & Hemp Symposium which will feature expert local and international speakers discussing everything medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp, bringing to Melbourne the world’s leading medical professionals, academics, research associates, pharmacists, activists and entrepreneurs for conversations and Q&A sessions.
“The Q&A panel on both days is hugely popular as it gives the audience the opportunity to ask questions on Medicinal Cannabis which can be difficult to discuss outside of this sort of arena,” Michelle reveals. “The diverse range of food/drink products that are coming onto the market is all very exciting and we have a good number of new and innovative products that Exhibitors are bringing to the Expo, so visitors will have plenty of opportunity to taste what is on offer.”
One particular highlight includes keynote speaker Ed Rosenthal, a Californian horticulturalist, activist and author. Known internationally as ‘The Guru Of Ganja”, in 1996 Ed was instrumental in pioneering California’s landmark Proposition 215, which authorised medicinal use of marijuana working with the state and local governments to implement the delivery of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis to patients.
Other Symposium highlights include registered pharmacist Paul Mavor who granted the first medicinal cannabis import license, CEO Of Epilepsy Action Australia Carol Ireland and Medical Director of Cannabis Access Clinics Dr Sanjay Nijhawan.
This place has it all. For your chance to gain valuable information and awareness of the amazing benefits the Hemp plant has to offer now and into the future; learn how to grow your own produce, even where space is limited, fresh and free of chemicals and to discover new and innovative products, get down to the Hemp, Health & Innovation Expo this December.
“The plant has so much to offer,” Michelle beams, “get on board and support the products that are on the market now or come onto the market. Consumer demand will drive the industry!”
It all goes down at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on December 8 & 9. Tickets on sale now at!