3 SUPER easy ways to be generous!

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3 SUPER easy ways to be generous!

Hey guys!
Let’s be real with each other, sometimes being generous can be hard. Not knowing who to give to, feeling short on time or just being overwhelmed with our own lives and not feeling able to add another thing to our overcrowded plate are all totally understandable reasons to be lacking a little in the generosity department. Sometimes however, it is shamefully easy to be generous… Especially when you see it as an ongoing lifestyle choice rather than random huge gestures.
So if you’re waiting to up your generosity vibes, here are three suuuuper easy ways to give yourself that warm and fuzzy feeling that only generosity can bring.
Swap to “Thank You’ hand wash
Whatever you are currently using for hand wash, ditch it, because I bet you it isn’t supplied by a social enterprise committed to ending global poverty in their lifetime. Thank You’s vision is simple, “Almost a billion people live in extreme poverty, while six billion people don’t. We reckon the six billion of us could work together to put an end to global poverty, for good.” *Mic Drop*. 100 per cent of the profits from their products goes to helping people in need and all we need to do to help is swap our brand of hand soap. Small change, biiiiig impact!
Pop your next CottonOn purchase in a charity tote bag
The CottonOn Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Aussie clothing label, CottonOn, and they are committed to educating young people in Uganda, South Africa and Thailand. When you’re in store, you’ll most likely be offered if you wish to pop your cute new outfit in a $2 charity bag. Simply say yes! The bags are re-usable/environmentally friendly and help you be apart of educating young people living in extreme poverty. It’s an easy choice really!
Give compliments!
Generosity doesn’t have to always be about money, we can be generous with our words too! So choose to be someone who gives compliments without reservation. Tell that girl you like her shoes, even if she is a stranger! Send an out of the blue text to someone you love telling them how much you appreciate them and some things you adore about them. Be someone who never holds back saying something kind by being on the look out for ways to be generous with your words. It will cost you nothing, but completely brighten someone’s day!
Have fun enjoying all the good vibes that come from making these small changes. Remember, #softhearts & #sharpminds for the win! And you’re so welcome to to DM me at @thishotmessau to share your generosity stories, I’d love to hear them!
Much love,