Aussie DJ and Producer Brandon Mangion teams up with Mindfull Aus to shine a light on youth mental health

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Aussie DJ and Producer Brandon Mangion teams up with Mindfull Aus to shine a light on youth mental health

Words by Jessica Magtalas

Mental health is more important now than ever before.

Since late-March the COVID-19 pandemic has hit many Australians hard. With the lack of social interactions, human connection and a clear headspace has been a battle many are fighting – and for some a battle that has lasted years.

For talented Australian DJ and Producer, Brandon Mangion, isolation has been a blessing in disguise, taking this opportunity to flourish and work with Mindfull Aus, to offer a relatable voice that can understand those who suffer from mental health.

“Since COVID happened I’ve used this opportunity to grow. I was very ego-driven and was caught up with alcohol and substance abuse. So, you know, COVID was a wakeup call, I used it as a reset and I’ve just been working on my personal development and self-growth. In the last eighty or so days, I feel like a whole new person. We may be in lockdown, but I feel like it’s been the best few months of my life,” says Brandon.

One half of the dynamic and energetic duo Teddy Cream, at just 24, Brandon has amassed a list of incredible achievements under his belt. From music tours to campaigning for what he believes in, this DJ doesn’t shy too far for creating a voice for those that need it most.

Just recently, he decided to team up with Mindfull Aus, to champion those that are struggling with mental health and to let them know this is not a road they have to walk alone.

He explains, “I feel like because the world is full of chaos and pandemonium. So, right now the world needs leaders, people that can be a shining light on this dark time.

“I was really moved by their cause and I thought together we could make a difference. So, I thought ‘what can I do?’ [In that], I decided to do a year sober. I wanted to go that extra mile and really challenge myself and do a year. In doing this, I’m not only helping myself but others because I’m leading by example,” he continues.

Founded on the premise of a youthful and relatable approach to talking about our emotion and thoughts, Mindfull Aus defeats the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, by changing the way wellbeing and suicide is viewed in the public eye.

By encouraging those to practice self-acceptance, Brandon situates himself as a friend, open to conversations and expressing vulnerability. All to birth strength and courage to young Australians and towards a road to wellness and fulfilment.

Despite his purpose, Brandon’s journey has not always been rainbows and sunshines – experiencing his own fight with his demons. Explaining to fans on social media, he tells the story of his six-year battle with alcohol and substance abuse whilst touring on the road.

Alongside the partnership, Brandon has embarked on a ‘Fight for Mental Health’ mission, challenging himself to achieve a personal goal towards a year of sobriety. Inspired by a similar cause by his good friend, Darcy Ellis – owner of HitFit Boxing and father Lester Ellis, Brandon has ventured towards his journey to self-care, hoping to make a change in not only his life, but in someone else’s.

Racking up more than $5000 as of recently, this compassionate young man has built a platform to be of service to others, knowing that there are people out their suffering from mental illnesses single-handily.

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Welcome to my NEW and public Instagram. Since the pandemic shook up my world and everything I have known for years, I made the decision to not play victim and feel sorry for myself, but to use this time as an OPPORTUNITY to grow. Not only did I start studying life coaching to acquire the skill set to help others, but I also started a MINDSET training course at @impacttheory University to work on my own personal development and self growth. To my surprise, out of over 2000+ students, I just got announced by @tombilyeu (Host of Impact a Theory) as STUDENT OF THE MONTH . It’s super fucking rewarding to know that the investment I’m making in myself is paying off and I can honestly say that I’m in a better place mentally & physically than I’ve ever been in my entire life. It’s also helping me be of greater service to others. If you are struggling, just know that it won’t last forever. YOU CAN pull yourself out of the mud. One step in a better direction can completely change your destination. I’m announcing something that is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me on August 11. Save the date!

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“I was using the things I was learning to help others, but you sort of don’t realise that you actually drown trying to be someone else’s anchor. I was focusing on helping everyone else but myself. I was neglecting my own self-care. So, I took that journey of ‘I need to make a change for myself’, and in doing that I’m helping more people now. I’m becoming a better person and I can be of help to others in a much more beneficial way.”

After some time and willpower, Brandon is happy, healthy and currently more than two months sober. With a great headspace and support from those around him, he is now long on his way to a year of recovery.

With that, Brandon Mangion, leaves some words of encourage, emphasising that it’s okay to not be okay.

“Know that it is okay to be going through these things, it’s normal. Please don’t try to bottle everything up and act like you’re okay when you’re not. There are people out there who can support you. Reach out. People do care about you and it takes great courage to speak up and admit that you struggle with something. If you can come out and share your story, you can inspire someone else to make a change in their life for the better.”

Check out Brandon’s Fight for Mental Health here.