Powderfinger are releasing an album of unreleased songs this year

Powderfinger are releasing an album of unreleased songs this year

The world definitely needs more Powderfinger right now.

Aussie rock legends Powderfinger are 2020’s saving grace, announcing a full album of previously unreleased tracks.

Revealing the news in an interview with Double J’s Caz Tran, Powderfinger guitarist Darren Middleton and drummer Jon Coghill revealed that we’ll be getting a slew of unreleased material that was recorded in the making of Odyssey Number Five.

“We were in putting together Odyssey Number Five 20th anniversary release and we went back and found like 50 songs that we had never released,” said Coghill.

“And we’ve got the 10 best, we think.

“There’s gonna be a new album this year at some stage. New songs. No one’s heard any of them. And it sounds pretty good to us. It’s been put together really well.”

According to the pair, the tracks on the upcoming record span 10 years, recorded as far back as 1998.

“We trawled through our hard drives and went, ‘This is actually a pretty good bunch of songs here,’” Darren Middleton said.

“‘Maybe we should do more than just put them out as extras. Maybe we should do something with it. See if anyone’s interested in listening’.”

The upcoming album will be the follow up to Powderfinger’s final album Golden Rule, released back in 2009 and preceded their 2010 breakup, which saw their iconic Sunsets Farewell Tour.

Lucky for us, we won’t have to wait too long for a taste of the ‘new’ material either, with their first single ‘Day By Day’ set for release on Friday, September 18.

It was only earlier this week that Powderfinger announced they are bringing out a special re-release of Odyssey Number Five for its 20th anniversary, and we must say, with all this good news, our happiness is slowly creeping back.