Aussie Convenience is the American candy destination you didn’t know you needed

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Aussie Convenience is the American candy destination you didn’t know you needed

Words by Keegan Bennett, Photo by Luis Aguila on Unsplash

I want candy.

Ever had a craving for American candy and soft drinks? A new store opening in the Geelong CBD might be for you.

As we all know, getting our hands on that sweet, sweet candy can sometimes be difficult, and costly, luckily, Aussie Convenience is opening a new location at 157 Ryrie Street, right near Mrs. Bartronica.

Aussie Convenience, which also has locations in Windsor and Launceston, is offering customers a chance to purchase and try a number of iconic American candies, like Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, and Reece’s.

The Geelong store opened earlier this week and has seen a ton of buzz surrounding the hard to find sweets.

The store’s opening hours are very flexible, designed to suit any craving, at any time. They are open until 2 am on Friday nights and Saturday nights.

Additionally, the store offers delivery services through Menulog and Deliveroo for when you can’t make it in-store but still need that candy fix.

Prices aren’t entirely unreasonable either, ranging from $3 to $15 for most items. And with a range of items, anything from Arizona Iced Tea to boxes of Cinnamon Toast crunch, there’s surely something to please everyone.

If heart-stopping chocolates and cereals aren’t your thing, Aussie Convenience also offers a wide selection of chips to try out, including several Doritos flavors that are unavailable anywhere else.

Aussie Convenience seems to be catering to a need that the people of Geelong have long had and is open and ready to serve you all your imported candy needs.

Aussie Convenience is open now at 157 Ryrie Street, check out their Instagram here.