An augmented reality go karting experience is coming to Melbourne

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An augmented reality go karting experience is coming to Melbourne


Step into the world of electric karting and video games and you’re guaranteed to have the best time.

BattleKart has made its way to Melbourne, offering a go-karting experience like never before.

It’s kind of like Mario Kart in real life. An indoor electric karting track combined with augmented reality technology creates the perfect video game environment. You can completely immerse yourself in a variety of different game modes such as Battle Virus, Battle Snake and many more.

BattleKart Melbourne

  • Augmented reality go-karting experience
  • 50 McArthur Street, West Footscray
  • Opening February 2024

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Most of these games are similar to your favourite video games, making it easier to understand how to play.

Battle Snake is a similar concept to the nostalgic ’80s arcade game Snake. In this version, your goal is to be the longest snake when the final gong hits.


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The objective is to drive around the track and gather the coloured fruits that appear randomly. But you can’t touch the edges or run into other snakes, otherwise, it’s game over.

For a more team-friendly game mode, you can jump into Battle Virus, a completely cooperative game where you and your team battle a deadly virus. To win, you’ll have to put your decision-making skills to the test.

You’ll be given two options: your team can either shoot missiles at the virus or collect medic kits to heal players infected with the virus. At the end, you will be presented with a cohesive score and other statistics detailing your outcome.

BattleKart was founded in Belgium in 2019, and after the success of the first tracks, they’ve expanded to four European countries and in the Middle East.

Australia is the next country to be introduced to this new go-karting experience and it won’t be the last with BattleKart having more endeavours to expand. Around the world, it’s been praised as the ultimate way to have fun for people with and without driving experience.

Whether you’re a go-karting veteran or have never karted before, BattleKart is sure to offer a fun, whacky experience you won’t soon forget.

 BattleKart is set to open in February 2024 at 50 McArthur Street, West FootscrayFor more information, head here.