Allira from She Takes Photos: Acai Bowl

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Allira from She Takes Photos: Acai Bowl

Hey readers,

Can we take a moment to realise that there is less than two months to go for the year and summer is less than a month away (cough cough my birthday is December 1 and the first day of summer), YIPPEEE!

Now I should address the elephant in the room. If you follow me on my social media platforms, you would have seen my new name change. If you don’t follow me, my social platforms were originally named as Grub Guide, but the new name is She Takes Photos!

I have been hanging to change the name for MONTHS! And I mean MONTHS. The reason why I’ve changed it was because Grub Guide just doesn’t resonate with what I am wanting to do moving forward.

I have been so lucky to build such a following and create an amazing community, however along the way I’ve managed to build my small business as a local photographer – photographing products, food and everything else in between.

She Takes Photos is all about ME and what I’m doing. I’ll be incorporating my photography business which will be not just food, but lifestyle as well. I am excited for this new venture I am about to take! But seeing as we are coming into the warmer months I thought I would share a smoothie bowl recipe!

This one is an Acai bowl, now don’t ask me to say it because I think I have been saying it wrong the whole time.

Acai is a powerful little berry classed as the ‘King of Superfoods’. Jam packed with omegas and many other great nutrients, this power berry originates from the Amazon and can be found just about anywhere now.

I tend to buy the same brand of acai puree that is from Sambazon. The message behind the product screams sustainability and they seem to be the only company making a good impact on the environment when harvesting the berries. You don’t have to use puree though, there are freeze dried powders you can use, but for this recipe I’ve used the puree packs.

Acai bowl

ONE packet of acai puree
½ banana
1 cup of almond milk
Handful of mixed berries

Blitz all together in a blender until it’s a thick consistency.
Top with your favourite Granola – my favourite is Paleo Pure Fruit Free Granola, and you can add extra fruit if you like.

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