Heineken 3 is giving away free beer…

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Heineken 3 is giving away free beer…

There are several things that make for a perfect summer day; a shining sun, prime position on the beach, good company and good drinks – and in this case good comes hand in hand with free.

Heineken is covering the tab of consumers all over the state who want to try their new (and award winning!) beer, Heineken 3.

As well as spending the past few months in the hands of all kinds of Australian celebrities – actors, musicians, DJs and models have all been spotted with the drink, Heineken 3 has all kinds of other perks (yep, even more then the fact you can get it for free).


As an award-winning mid strength lager Heineken 3 not only has a great taste but is designed to prevent bloating and heaviness, allowing consumers to make the most of the long summer days. With the beer already receiving an overwhelmingly positive response for its taste, the light beer that is Heineken 3 is a beer well worth trying – even by the biggest disbelievers of ‘light’ beer.

But the fact you can get it for free means there is really no good reason to not check it out.

To claim your free beer, you can head to a number of venues across the state (The Pier, or The Sporting Globe in Geelong & Ballarat) to take advantage of this offer and kick off the summer countdown in style. To find out how and where to claim your complimentary Heineken® 3, go to http://www.haveitall.beer.

Available until December 15.