Alison Ferrier Locks in Deans Marsh Show

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Alison Ferrier Locks in Deans Marsh Show

Alison Ferrier picked up a few things while working as a sound engineer for her husband Jeff Lang. She taught herself the violin, for starters. She also developed an interest to be on stage, rather than behind the scenes, and so she started performing her country and folk tunes with The Wayward Fancies duo. The Hallrunners came next, before the songbird explored the world of the solo musician with 2012’s Sugar Baby.

Be Here Now is her latest effort, released in 2015. Featuring the backing of The Stillsons, the album is like “a poignant ballad singer from the 1940s who gets in a mood sometimes and lets her band turn up the amps and kick out the jams”.

Marians Café, Deans Marsh – March 13.