By the Meadow Festival Takes Place Next Month

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By the Meadow Festival Takes Place Next Month

They have scoured the airwaves and checked under the bed. They have gathered sounds from far and wide to create a perfect selection for the ears. It’s about chic tunes and a place to groove. It is about leisure and pleasure. Come say hello to By the Meadow.

Set to take place at the beginning of next month, the festival is thrilled to welcome The Harpoons, The Ocean Party, Fraser A Gorman, Luke Howard, Lanks, Magic Bones, Milwaukee Banks, Planète, Crepes, Mosé + The Fmly, Anthonie Tonnon, Habits, Canary, The Attics, Uncle Bobby, Edward R., 10 Couture, Velvet Bow, Redspencer, Nafasi and Forever Son.

Bambra – April 2 & 3, with further information available through