A New World Order

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A New World Order

The name Ross McLennan will, for many, be lovingly associated with Snout, the indie-pop band he formed in the early 1990s. These days you will find him leading Ross McLennan & The New World. He has released three albums to date, with a fourth that appears to be not too far away. Last year he released new single ‘General Singh’ to a packed house in Melbourne and now he is set to make The Bridge in Castlemaine his home on April 18. This will be the first time he has played Castlemaine. From the presser: “A fictional character embodying the anxieties of our time, General Singh is someone isolated from their fellow humans as a result of trauma. ‘I wander lost in public space’, sings Ross McLennan, and we envisage General Singh sitting on a train in dissociative state, wearing clothes that someone has provided. General Singh is about to embark on a regimen of weekly therapy, and worries that a string of miscommunications may lead to disappearing completely … Crimes they have witnessed and in truth have themselves committed have led them to believe that happiness is not appropriate. The shit is really hitting the fan.” He will be joined on the night by Howl.