The Right Price

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The Right Price

When you’re a part of the family band at the age of nine, you either form a deep connection with music or grow to hate your family. For Rick Price, it’s certainly the former. As a solo artist, the songman began writing music in the late ’80s before releasing his debut single, ‘Not a Day Goes By’, in 1992. For someone who had grown up in Beaudesert, a small country town near Brisbane, things got very real, very quickly. The song climbed to the number 5 spot on the national charts and would spend a good 20 weeks in the Top 40. His second single, ‘Heaven Knows’, would launch his international career. As his solo material continues to come (check out Tennessee Sky), Rick is taking a break in order to take a stroll down another season of Take Me Home Country Roads – The John Denver Story. The show, which enjoyed a successful run in 2011, shines the light on one of the great songmen of our time. The show includes over 20 tracks as Rick narrates the gripping story of the late singer-songwriter. He will be joined by The Colorado Quartet. GPAC – May 30.