A never-ending summer: live and work the beach life in the Geelong, Bellarine and Great Ocean Road Region

A never-ending summer: live and work the beach life in the Geelong, Bellarine and Great Ocean Road Region

Photo via Tourism Jobs Bank
Words by Jena Carr

Trade-in those rusty files and over-bearing documents for a job full of sunshine and blue skies in the Geelong region.

From shimmering blue beaches and soft yellow sand to striking green forests, the Geelong, Bellarine and Great Ocean Road house some of the most perfect places to get away from the hustle and bustle of the dreary city life. Travel along winding roads and picturesque scenery towards your next career as you are now provided with the opportunity to work in some of the region’s most beautiful areas.

It’s never been as easy as it is now to follow a new pathway toward a career with a view. As businesses continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic, a new initiative is on offer to connect job seekers with tourism and hospitality job vacancies in the Greater Geelong, Bellarine and Great Ocean Road regions. 

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The Tourism Jobs Bank is designed to help businesses find much-needed employees by removing all the hard work of advertising jobs, reviewing candidates, and making the process easier for employers and job seekers. Anyone can apply this summer as there are no discriminations against age or experience. With the bonus of various incentives for both employers and candidates, why wouldn’t you want to embark on this brand new adventure that awaits you?

Are you still hesitant searching for your next career through the Tourism Jobs Bank? Well, don’t take our word for how fantastic this opportunity is.

Simranjeet Kaur, or Sim, found the experience extremely helpful in following her passion of becoming a chef at Annie’s Provedore café and store.

“I applied for a job via Direct Recruitment as a chef and I got the opportunity to work at Annie’s. I am happy and satisfied with Direct Recruitment and also working at Annie’s,” said Sim.

Above all, Sim is thrilled with the chance to be able to work in our exciting region surrounded by beautiful scenery and thrilling locations. 

“I am having an amazing experience working in hospitality. It’s like a dream come true and living in Greater Geelong and the Bellarine is great,” said Sim.

Simranjeet Kaur

Need more encouragement to follow your new career path? Look below at some of the significant points that working in the hospitality and tourism industry offers.

Explore the Geelong, Bellarine and Great Ocean Road regions

With so much to explore, many people are unaware of how much of our beautiful region there is. You may already know about the 12 Apostles, but did you know about the stunning Hopetoun Falls? This attraction is only 15 minutes away from another beautifully unknown landmark known as the Beech Forest. This fantastic view of flowing falls is just one example of the many hidden secrets ready to be revealed to you as you begin your journey within this new industry. 

Work to Your Schedule

Are you sick of the typical 9-5 or listening to your boss drone on and on about timesheets? Or are you just tired of the same thing happening every day and feel there is no more excitement in your career? Why not seek a job that caters to your schedule where no single day is the same? In hospitality, you are guaranteed a job that brings something new to your day and the opportunity of a flexible work schedule to meet your personal needs.

Pick the Work Type that Best Suits You

The hospitality industry has many options to suit your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re a Uni student looking to earn some extra cash while studying, a parent looking to provide for your family or someone just trying to break into the job industry and find their first job. The hospitality industry is a great place to start. You can choose from various workflows, including Casual, Part-Time, Full-Time and Temporary. There is sure to be an option to fit into your day-to-day lives. 

Learn Something New

The hospitality industry is a great learning environment that does not limit itself to work done while clocked in. These jobs are perfect for more in-depth knowledge of the area that many of us call home and the many different stories from patrons who walk through the door. You don’t need a degree for this industry, only an enthusiasm for work and a willingness to learn.

Be A Part of the Welcoming Atmosphere

Hospitality is all about providing a positive experience for people – although this isn’t just limited to the customers. Employers are often going above and beyond for their employees, and you can feel comfortable knowing that you will be welcomed with open arms. Many of these businesses are run by locals and their families. So, you have the bonus of knowing that you and your customers are treated like family. 

No Person is the Same

You get to meet so many interesting people in this industry. The hospitality and tourism industry welcomes people from all walks of life through its doors and allows you to meet someone new without the added costs and hassle of travel. With different cultures, age demographics, and beliefs coming to have that fine cup of joe or a nice sandwich, this industry is perfect for connecting with those around us. 


Many jobs within this industry offer different exciting perks to their employees that you may not get from the typical office job. Some of these exciting offers include staff discounts, fun days out, paid annual leave and sick leave, advancement opportunities and many more. Perks differ from job to job, but rest assured that every place will do what it can to make its employees feel valued.

Why not take that next step to a better work-life balance? You can learn more about the Tourism Jobs Bank and its opportunities here.