A huge pop-up family fun fair is coming to Geelong

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A huge pop-up family fun fair is coming to Geelong

Packed full of excitement, this event will be a go-to for all ages.

Attention all babysitters, parents and giant adult-kids: the biggest family-friendly event of the year is here and the queues aren’t nearly as bad as Maccas on a weekday afternoon.

To celebrate the easing of restrictions across the state, a family fun carnival will arrive in Geelong in November with a lineup of scream-worthy rides, activities and family entertainment.

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The funfair is a touring regional festival, dubbed the Vic Wide Family Fun Fair, which has been visiting entertainment starved towns over the past few months, including Horsham and Mildura, Hamilton prior to this two-week stint in Geelong.

Taking to the Geelong Showgrounds in November from the 4th-7th, and from the 11th-14th, you’ll find a range of games and skill testers with a bunch of large, cute and cuddly prizes up for grabs, fresh food trucks, fairy floss, show bags, and a slew of thrilling carnival rides.

Adrenaline junkies will love ‘the claw’ (a ride shaped like a big hand that swings 360 degrees before going upside down) and the Speed XXL Wipe Out, while others can take solace in the Ferris Wheel or bumper cars.

Not to be confused with the recently cancelled Geelong Show or the Chants Summer Carnival which is also running from today, this epic event will also feature a free fireworks display on Saturday, November 7 and Saturday, November 13with entry to the carnival sitting at a pretty $2.

The event is known to fulfil its COVID-19 safety protocols. This is a double vaccination-required event.


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