A Few Things I Love About Melbourne

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A Few Things I Love About Melbourne

Melbourne is a seriously cool, beautiful city, and one I have a serious crush on! Being only an hour away from Geelong, I’m awfully lucky to be so close to the Victorian capital. It is incredibly easy to get to, and is patiently waiting to be explored by fellow Victorians, as well as eager visitors.
The city has a crazy amount to offer with it’s never ending supply of coffee hubs, hole in the wall bars, fashion forward shops, top of the range restaurants, and hidden rooftop escapes. It’s a very walkable city (you know how much I love to walk), which makes it even easier to navigate!
It’s home to beautiful parks, the Royal Botanic Gardens and some much loved golden beaches. I adore Melbourne so much: I could easily see myself living there. After all, it is the world’s most liveable city! To carry on with the love fest, I thought I’d share with you a few things that I love about Melbourne.
Being a major city, Melbourne is like any other city in the world; there will always be something exciting going on. It’s unbelievably easy to keep yourself busy. Whether it’s going to a cultural event, attending a new pop up, seeing a theatre show, or even a hilarious comedy festival: Melbourne’s got you covered.
The Melbourne laneways are something I always get super excited to see. I love the buzz, the intricate rows of cafes and restaurants and the insane coffee culture. The street art and graffiti is also incredibly cool to look at and soak up. Degraves Street is somewhere I always love visiting, and is also an excellent place to stop and sneakily people watch.
Being a Victorian, it’s only natural that I’m slightly obsessed with our great game that is AFL, so heading to Melbourne to watch a game is an obvious one, isn’t it? Melbourne is the unofficial sporting capital of Australia – and for good reason. The MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) can hold up to 100,000 people and can definitely make some noise. Getting the chance to watch an AFL game is definitely worth it (especially the popular ones like ANZAC Day, or the Grand Final), but the cricket can also hold its own, with crazy crowds turning up for the Boxing Day tests. If you’re hungry for more sport, be sure to be into Melbourne for the Australian Open.
Melbourne is a fantastic starting point for any trip in Australia, especially in Victoria. It gives you a lovely handful of options for places to visit once you’re done exploring the city. You could head to Yarra Valley Winery, for example, or head our way and visit Geelong and the Great Ocean Road – one of the world’s best coastal drives. You could even tick Phillip Island off your list, or maybe hit up the gorgeous town of Bright. I could go on!
The historic, yet modern city of Melbourne is one I can’t wait to discover more of now that I’m back living in Geelong. I hope this has inspired you to visit our neighbouring city too!
Written by Katherine Reynolds
www.katthewanderer.com / facebook/katthewanderer / @katthewanderer