To the Max(i)

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To the Max(i)

Maxi skirts have always been my go-to when the sun is out, particularly when I’m white enough to blind someone, and frankly, when I just can’t be bothered shaving my damn legs.
I do have to give them credit where due, maxi skirts are good for more than simply covering up pins that are comparable to the American werewolf of London. They also have the potential to look super badass.
Maxi’s are pretty much great to wear all year round, particularly if you’re an Australian or if you live somewhere that doesn’t drop below freezing temperature. Depending on what time of the year it is, in winter you can wear a maxi with a long sleeved top tucked in with a biker jacket over your shoulders, some heeled ankle boots on your toes and a dash of red on the lips — I like to keep the outfit pretty monochromatic, but take your own spin on things! You’re able to keep warm, whilst still looking absolutely killer.
Obviously, they’re also fantastic in the warmer months as well. I like to opt for a maxi with splits on the sides for a little extra ventilation so I don’t accidentally get sweaty and end up feeling like more of a mess than a goddess. I also love pairing a maxi with anything backless, be it a top, leotard or any other crazy ensembles you can think of. This could easily just be me, but I feel like anything with a deep-v is so much more wearable when it’s in the back of your outfit than when it’s in the front. I also like to opt for something slightly more conservative, and seeing as my back doesn’t have cleavage, I personally feel more comfortable showing off skin that way instead.
Pop on a pair of mules, sandals or heeled sandals, grab a light cardigan if it’s cold and a little clutch, and you’re ready for a working day in the office or a nice meal out.
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If you want to switch this up for something day-time appropriate, swap the backless top for a plain old white t-shirt tucked in, pop your hair up in a messy bun and voila! The look has seamlessly gone from night to day in about five minutes of effort — 10 if your hair doesn’t cooperate.
The only thing I should mention in terms of fit — I’m speaking on behalf of all the short girls out there, holla five foot one — maxi skirts are meant to just graze your ankle. Hemlines that are too long will only make you look shorter, trust me, I’m speaking from experience. No biggie though, if it’s too long for you grab a mum, grandma or pal who can sew, or even go to a tailor and have them measure and alter your skirt to sit just at the right spot for your height.
Written by Jessica Alves
instagram @jessicazalves | YouTube