A cereal and cream bar has landed in the region

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A cereal and cream bar has landed in the region

Cereal Society was a little idea that has quickly grown to be what you see today – a little retro van serving up cereal art. One thing that has become clear since opening last month is just how many cereal lovers are out there in the community, especially with how much praise owner Jordie has received from opening a Cereal & Cream Bar. We sit down with Jordie Mounsey for a quick chat about all things Cereal Society.
What gave you the idea to combine two of the best things on earth?
I always prefer cereal and milk in the morning over a hot breakfast out at the local café. In 2016, we were on a family holiday in America and I was amazed at the choice of cereals on offer. Even though I was on holiday, the inner ice cream maker was always on the lookout for new inspirations and there was a trend of cereal-flavoured soft serves being made and dressed with cereals. From this, the idea grew of how we could adapt breakfast cereal to best suit our ice cream business.
You have over 16 flavours of cereal, both locally and imported, how did you decide which cereals made the cut?
I have a devoted team of taste testers who had to try many cereals from abroad. It’s a hard job but finding volunteers wasn’t hard! Over time we will refine our cereal selection to reflect what our customers like the most… Along with new or limited-edition cereals which maybe hidden in a secret menu where only our social media followers will find out (wink wink, nudge nudge).
Can you give us a run-down of the menu process?
Our menu consists of just three options of cereal infused ice cream, cereal infused shakes and the traditional bowl of cereal & milk. Each of these options are fully customised by the customer and our ‘cerealists’ transform them into individual food art pieces.
What is your favourite combination?
My personal favourite cereal combo is Apple Jacks & Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I’m a traditionalist and can’t go past a cereal bowl with flavoured milk, but the ice cream infused cereal is a very close second.
Have you got any must haves that you recommend customers to try?
The overwhelming favourite option from our customers is the choose your own combo menu. We also have a Cereal Society blends menu and the most popular items are Nutter Butter (a blend of Reese’s Puffs and Coco Pops, topped with Reese’s pieces, peanuts, pocky and chocolate drizzle) and the Cookie monster (a blend of cookie crisp and Oreo topped with choc chips, Oreos, pocky and condensed milk).
Will you give our readers a sneak peak of the secret limited-edition combinations that could be coming soon?
We wouldn’t want to let out all of our upcoming secret menu items. We can share with Forte that we will be releasing a cereal with the flavour of Banana Split Ice Cream, but for all the latest you should follow us on our socials.
Looking forward to your next Cereal Fix? Follow them on Facebook for details of all upcoming locations and Instagram @cerealbarsociety
Written by Chloe Cicero