Alpha Hall: Omens

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Alpha Hall: Omens

Ballarat’s own Alpha Hall have made landing with the release of their debut album, Omens – a hypnotic album with psychedelic and mesmerising tracks. It’s not easy to put a label on Alpha Hall’s music genre, but it would probably be something along the lines of adult contemporary, a mixed bag of soft rock, blues, pop and easy listening.
Opening up for the album, ‘Find’ is a gritty visually invoking song that ranges from mellow and peaceful to loud and powerful. The rough husky voice of the lead vocalist and his synergy with the rest of the band give this song the strong impact it needs as the opening track.
One of the tracks that stood out for me personally was ‘Salt’, a slow paced emotionally driven ballad that expresses a beautiful sadness and a sense of solitude. Violin and voice working together to send shivers down my spine. A beautiful track to be appreciated.
Throughout the album you will find seven solid tracks, ranging from pretty standard rock/pop tracks, to slowed down beautiful ballads and psychedelic sensations. Alpha Hall’s debut album is quality from start to finish, showcasing a unique combination of instruments and influences, a testament to the value of synergy between band members.
3.5/5 Shakas
Hidden Shoal Recordings
Reviewed by Alex Lynch